Job Interview Experiences…always kind of exciting

I wasn’t really happy with my last job in an office, working for
the export department of a pharmaceutical wholesaler.
It’d sounded pretty exciting in the beginning, but it turned out kind of boring
and some rules and regulations in this company were a deal breaker too.
So, I decided to get a new job, since I’d missed working with people one-on-one anyway.

My job there was basically working 8 hours in front of a computer
and writing E-Mails with people around the world.
I guess the urge to go back in the pharmacy, where I can
actually interact with customers wasn’t a big surprise.

So, I went on a specific website, where I put an ad that I’m looking for a job.
I’d received a lot of calls and E-Mails and arranged a couple of job interviews.
What I really like about job interviews are the bargain
and how the potential employers try to sell themselves.

I always prepare some questions, but I’ve learned
it’s more important to listen carefully what they tell you.
One lady for example was so talkative, that I’d got informations
that aren’t helpful to get a good impression of her.
She told me that the staff is changing a lot and that she’d been
a former employee before she became the owner.
Actually, the whole staff wanted to leave when she bought the pharmacy.
My first idea was: „Girl, what’s wrong with you?“

And moments later there was a big elephant in the room.
She asked me: „Your not planning to get pregnant tomorrow, right?“
I said: „No, not tomorrow.“
She didn’t like the answer and said: „I know I’m not allowed to ask this question,
but I ask it anyway…“ so she looked on my resume and said:
„since you are haven’t much time left to have kids, because of your age.“

Guess my first thought… DAMN BIAAAATCH.
But I said: „Yes, you’re not allowed to ask this question, so that’s why I’m not answering it.“
I’d tried not to smile, because her head turned deep red after my response. 🙂

You can imagine, that she is not my future boss. 🙂

No, I’ve found a very nice and modern pharmacy with very nice and happy co-worker.
I’m going to have longer work hours 3 days a week,
but there is a nice catch…I’m off 1.5 days/week. 🙂
Can’t wait to start my old/new assignment. Wish me luck guys.

Here are some nice winter impressions taken in our backyard.

  Winter2012 Winter 2012

Winter 2012 Winter 2012

Where is „our“ Food Network Channel…

Yes, we know it has been very quiet the last couple of weeks.
But our full time jobs and decorating the house takes all the time.
We’re still trying to adjust…it’s still rough sometimes, especially the Wednesdays drive us nuts,
since we haven’t had the time yet to find a Line Dance group.

Believe us it’s one of our top priorities.

Another thing is the hunt after US-TV Shows.
Honestly, the German TV program sucks most of the time.
It looks like the program hasn’t changed at all the last 4 years.
I remember people telling us, that US TV isn’t really „Einstein material“,
but seriously German TV doesn’t get a Nobel price either.

Here you find Casting shows after Casting shows, Court shows and
of course Reality TV Shows and Soaps.
But guess what, there are also Crime shows, Sitcoms and
Comedy shows you can think of from the US.
The problem is, we can’t watch it since it’s synchronized in German….yack. Can’t stand it.

Lucky us, some cable channels show for example „Two and Half Man“
or „Pawn Stars“ in English with no subtitles.
Even „Ice Road Truckers“ and „Drop Dead Diva“ are options to watch in English.

Unfortunately, we can’t get the Food Network Channel…what really sucks.
We’ve found Chef Ann Burrell on one channel, but synchronized to German.   
One of our favorites in the US has been „Parenthood“, „Castle“ and „Body of Proof“.
And we would love to see „Chopped“, „(Next) Iron Chef America“, „Next Food Network Star“
and for sure „Man vs. Food“.
I, personally, miss one of the greatest guys ever…Mr. Tim Gunn.
So, please German TV, do me a favor…MAKE IT WORK!!!!  

Thanksgiving in Germany=Turkey Hunt

Our first Thanksgiving in Germany and we wanted to have it
very special as it always has been in the US.

The plan was a nice Turkey, Cranberry sauce,
Mashed potatos and Collard Greens.

A couple of days before Thanksgiving,
we’d tried to find a grocery store or butcher
where we could buy a turkey.   
What should I say…we didn’t find one.

Back in the US we bought a nice big roasting pan,
perfect for a turkey. But we’d forgot one little thing…
the ovens here in Germany are half the size compared to the US ovens.
Damn, that means a turkey and our nice roasting pan don’t fit either.

So, we’d decided to make a whole chicken after a recipe
from chef Anne Burrell – Lemon Rosemary Chicken- and it was soooo yummy.
We had to skip the side dishes, because the whole preparation and cooking
process took a while.
It’s not a good idea to start cooking at 6pm when the chicken is still frozen. 🙁

So, we had a late and simple Thanksgiving dinner (@10pm).
But the most important thing was, to celebrate the American tradition
and have a delicious meal… 🙂
Next year we try to make a turkey, since a friend of us has given us a hint
where to get one in the Munich area. (but they are still alive, when you buy them.
Reminds me a little bit of South Park Thanksgiviing special.)

We hope everybody had a nice Thanksgiving as well. 🙂

Happy Halloween in Germany…Happy What?

Our first Halloween in Germany and of course different to the US.
But what is the difference exactly?
The difference is – 0 – kids at our door.
No „Trick or Treat“ or as we say in Germany: „Suesses oder Saures“

When we came home yesterday, we saw some kids in costumes and lanterns.
But nobody really opened the door and the kids seemed a little bit intimidated
to ask the neighbors for candy. I’d told NBK that Halloween in Germany sucks.
And we really felt sorry for the kids.

When NBK and I went shopping last saturday, we’d seen a big sign in a department store:
„Please visit our big Halloween market on Level 1.“
And I said: „Hi, cool let’s see the Halloween market.“

Yeah, what can I say…I’ve almost overlooked it, because it was so small.
A few costumes, mostly witches and devils and some really unrealistic spiders.
The worst costume was a butcher with fake blood (the blood was too bright) and
a fake axe in the chest, who really looked pathetic.
I said: „What the f*** is that? They should see Halloween Express in Greenville,SC.
That is great stuff for Halloween. Not this sh**. Even Walmart has a better variety of creepy goods.“

I’ve always loved to go to Halloween Express in Greenville,SC.
People can be very sick, when it comes to creepy stuff and
they have great ideas for costumes and decorations.
Even when I watch Shows on TV like „Home Impovement“,
the Halloween episodes are always my favorites.

So hopefully in the next years, Germany step it up a notch.

Movie „Wheelchair guy“ at Halloween Express (~ 9.5MB)

Baby Steps to get to the Finish Line Part 1 (English & German Version)

German Version:

Oh Mann, wir haben noch ewig viel zu tun
bis wir endlich ein gemütliches Haus haben.
Am liebsten hätten wir jetzt eine Jeannie die einmal kurz mit den
Augen klimpert und schwups ist alles fertig.

Aber wir freuen uns schon über die kleinen Dinge,
die wir erreichen…z. B. unser neuer Kleiderschrank PAX
und unsere neuen MALM Kommoden.
Endlich braucht man keine Klamotten mehr suchen…
jetzt müssen nur noch die Griffe montiert und die Türen ausgerichtet werden.
PAX hat NBK1971 allein zusammen gebaut, bei MALM habe ich
den Hammer geschwungen – „Elise, the Tool Time Girl“,
fehlte nur noch der Werkzeugguertel. 😉

Am kommenden Wochenende wollen wir eine Duschwand
fuer die Badewanne kaufen und anbringen. 🙂
Sitzduschen ist einfach nicht das Gleiche.

Als Nächstes werden wir wohl das Arbeitszimmer angehen.
Denn dort können wir kaum noch einen Schritt machen.
Jedenfalls freuen wir uns schon auf Weihnachten…dann soll das Gröbste
gerne fertig sein. Drückt uns die Daumen…

Moebelbau I Moebelbau II Moebelbau III

Moebelbau IV Moebelbau V

English Version:

Oh man, we have a long way to go until
we gonna have a cozy home.
We would love to have a Jeannie, who just blinks with
her eyes and everything is done.

But we are happy about the little things we’ve had accomplished so far.
For example our new closet PAX and our dresser MALM.
Finally, there is no clothes searching anymore. 🙂
NBK1971 assembled PAX totally on his own,
but with MALM I changed to „Elise the Tool Time girl“
only a tool belt was missing to complete my outfit. 🙂

Next weekend we wanna buy a shower cabin for our bath tub.
Sitting in a bath tub and shower is pretty lame.

After that our next project is the office.
Right now it looks like a mess and we have trouble to get in there.
We are so glad when it’s XMas time…because this our personal deadline
and hopefully most of the stuff is done.
Keep your fingers crossed… 🙂