Farewell Party @ BHS (English Version)

Our last Line Dance Wednesday at the Blind Horse Saloon,
was our farewell party to say our final good bye’s to our friends.

We were absolutely overwhelmed and didn’t expect
all these nice gifts and food, our friends had prepared for us.
Two delicious cakes and pigs in a blanket fed everybody that night. 🙂

Everything seemed like a regular wednesday…until Matt, our dance instructor
had announced, that tonight is our last night at the BHS.
We’ve received some really nice gifts and more important a lot of lovely words.
Especially our BHS-TShirts from Yanet & Daniel have been
a wonderful idea and surprising gift.

They and Clarissa let everybody sign the T-Shirt
(friends, dance instructor, waitress‘ and of course the band One Eyed Jack).
That was the moment we’d become speechless and our eyes didn’t wanna stay dry anymore.

The rest of the evening was all about dancing and having fun.
It was hard to say good bye, when the night came to an end.
So, we just wanna let y’all know, that we are very grateful to have you guys as friends.
Thanks again for this wonderful evening and for the great time
we’ve had with y’all the past 4 years.
We can’t wait to come back to G-Vegas and South Kakalaki.
Hope to see y’all soon! 🙂

Thanks again to Tom & Kim for the very special farewell BBQ
at your house with all the Nascar buddies.
We had a great time with you guys and definitely gonna miss
our annual Nascar getaway incl. tailgating. 🙂

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