Happy Halloween in Germany…Happy What?

Our first Halloween in Germany and of course different to the US.
But what is the difference exactly?
The difference is – 0 – kids at our door.
No „Trick or Treat“ or as we say in Germany: „Suesses oder Saures“

When we came home yesterday, we saw some kids in costumes and lanterns.
But nobody really opened the door and the kids seemed a little bit intimidated
to ask the neighbors for candy. I’d told NBK that Halloween in Germany sucks.
And we really felt sorry for the kids.

When NBK and I went shopping last saturday, we’d seen a big sign in a department store:
„Please visit our big Halloween market on Level 1.“
And I said: „Hi, cool let’s see the Halloween market.“

Yeah, what can I say…I’ve almost overlooked it, because it was so small.
A few costumes, mostly witches and devils and some really unrealistic spiders.
The worst costume was a butcher with fake blood (the blood was too bright) and
a fake axe in the chest, who really looked pathetic.
I said: „What the f*** is that? They should see Halloween Express in Greenville,SC.
That is great stuff for Halloween. Not this sh**. Even Walmart has a better variety of creepy goods.“

I’ve always loved to go to Halloween Express in Greenville,SC.
People can be very sick, when it comes to creepy stuff and
they have great ideas for costumes and decorations.
Even when I watch Shows on TV like „Home Impovement“,
the Halloween episodes are always my favorites.

So hopefully in the next years, Germany step it up a notch.

Movie „Wheelchair guy“ at Halloween Express (~ 9.5MB)

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