One year Line Dance at the world famous Blind Horse Saloon in Greenville, SC.

Y’all know that Elise and I really enjoy our Wednesday nights at the Blind Horse.

But dancing only on Wednesdays, come on, there must be more.
Yep, Garage Line Dance @ Home.

Collecting all the songs was quite a challenge.
Asking the DJ at the Blind Horse is one way to gather the information.
Using a great application on the iPhone is the nerdy way to do so.

After one year we’ve almost collected 90 songs.
I’m a regular customer at the local CD stores as well as online.
Still waiting for the customer of the month and year award.

Why am I telling y’all?

If you are interested in which songs we listen and dance to…
Check it out:

LineDanceSongs February 2010

Yes, you’re guessing right, our Country section is one of the biggest in our CD collection.