Mammutmarsch 100km in 24 Std.

Ja bist Du irre?
Ist Ansichtssache, aber eine der ersten oder ähnlich gestellten Fragen, wenn man erwähnt was man vorhat.

Was habe ich vor?
Ich werde am 30.07.2022 beim Mammutmarsch in München teilnehmen.
Ich werde versuchen die 100km Wegstrecke in unter 24 Stunden zu bewältigen.

Den Little Mammutmarsch im Oktober 2021 habe ich bewältigt. 56 km in 11 Stunden.

Letzte Woche hat mein Doc grünes Licht gegeben und ich habe mich sofort für das Event angemeldet.

Gestern habe ich mal ne Grobplanung für das Training gemacht.

Im Training werde ich ca. 20 Trainingsmärsche unterschiedlicher Länge machen. 

10 km – 55 km, die meisten tagsüber aber mindestens 1 über Nacht.

Vor dem großen Event werde ich schon ca. 650 km unter den Füßen haben.

In dieser Kategorie werde ich so zeitnah wie möglich von meinem Abenteuer berichten.

Strecken, Erlebnisse, Ausrüstung, Verpflegung und vieles mehr.

First Microadventure — Done

15k in mind 21k finished

So it did happen…

The day came and it was awesome.

The day was a Saturday almost 2 weeks ago.

Smooth train ride to Lake Starnberg (S-Bahn Station).

Perfect weather, no rain, almost blue sky, not too cold — still winter though.

My tiny backpack, including a water bladder (1.5l water) and some snacks.

Only tool I did allow myself to use was a compass app on my iPhone which showed me my direction home.

See pic of my running gear….

My Running Gear

My running gear exist of Under Armour ColdGear clothes, Salomon Trail-Running-Shoes, Camel-Bak Water-Bladder and some gluten-free snacks for the run.

As I did not know the distance — only an estimate somewhere between 15k and 21k+…I asked my teammates to guess my time and the final distance. The one who comes closest had a chance to choose a charity where I wanted to donate 2 Euro for every km I ran.

Very optimistic view on my little microadventure.

Optimistic Start in Starnberg

Of course I did not hit the shortest trail…and I didn’t care…I wanted to enjoy nature and see how I would deal with some uncertainty while running home. Giving up is and never was an option.

Ain’t no Stairway to Heaven… 

Ain't no Stairway to Heaven

While running I tried also to trust my intuition while deciding which trail to run — left, right whatever?

One thing I’ve learned trough two occasions, yes you can trust and no you cannot trust.

Once I hit a busy road and needed to return — I trusted my guts, I was wrong.

And once I did not trusted my guts I hit a dead end within a small town trying to find an under path to cross the railway. Took me 2km to get back on some path.

Trail Beautiful

Thanks to my compass app I never got lost and I did find some smaller trails than the one shown above, more like single trails where probably nobody will find you soon. I hoped for things like this, I wanted this. Uncertain, rough idea where to go. So much fun…

Somewhere Half Way

Once I got closer to my home I did realize that it is possible to run a half-marathon (21k)…

Excited, leg-tired, with a big grin on my face I reached my home in 2:30h for 21k.

Half Marathon Face

Two team members came so close to this time and distance they decided to donate the money to Muenchner Kindertafel – Glockenbach e.V. — a donation I was happy to do.
More exciting, two team members decided to match my donation, so we donated 3 times 42 Euro — very happy.

Next adventure is a similar run but not from Lake Starnberg. I’m planning to do the run from Herrsching which is at least 20km away, means the distance will be somewhere between 20k and probably 30k.

And yes, same conditions, gear and donation.

First Microadventure

Trail Running…my first #microadventure…

Planning a run from Starnberg train station back home…

Somewhere around 18-20 km….

The idea is to leave train station, no map, only rough direction (home coordinates) for orientation…compass, that’s it.

Looking forward doing it…

Keep ya posted…

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