Thanksgiving in Germany=Turkey Hunt

Our first Thanksgiving in Germany and we wanted to have it
very special as it always has been in the US.

The plan was a nice Turkey, Cranberry sauce,
Mashed potatos and Collard Greens.

A couple of days before Thanksgiving,
we’d tried to find a grocery store or butcher
where we could buy a turkey.   
What should I say…we didn’t find one.

Back in the US we bought a nice big roasting pan,
perfect for a turkey. But we’d forgot one little thing…
the ovens here in Germany are half the size compared to the US ovens.
Damn, that means a turkey and our nice roasting pan don’t fit either.

So, we’d decided to make a whole chicken after a recipe
from chef Anne Burrell – Lemon Rosemary Chicken- and it was soooo yummy.
We had to skip the side dishes, because the whole preparation and cooking
process took a while.
It’s not a good idea to start cooking at 6pm when the chicken is still frozen. 🙁

So, we had a late and simple Thanksgiving dinner (@10pm).
But the most important thing was, to celebrate the American tradition
and have a delicious meal… 🙂
Next year we try to make a turkey, since a friend of us has given us a hint
where to get one in the Munich area. (but they are still alive, when you buy them.
Reminds me a little bit of South Park Thanksgiviing special.)

We hope everybody had a nice Thanksgiving as well. 🙂

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