Where is „our“ Food Network Channel…

Yes, we know it has been very quiet the last couple of weeks.
But our full time jobs and decorating the house takes all the time.
We’re still trying to adjust…it’s still rough sometimes, especially the Wednesdays drive us nuts,
since we haven’t had the time yet to find a Line Dance group.

Believe us it’s one of our top priorities.

Another thing is the hunt after US-TV Shows.
Honestly, the German TV program sucks most of the time.
It looks like the program hasn’t changed at all the last 4 years.
I remember people telling us, that US TV isn’t really „Einstein material“,
but seriously German TV doesn’t get a Nobel price either.

Here you find Casting shows after Casting shows, Court shows and
of course Reality TV Shows and Soaps.
But guess what, there are also Crime shows, Sitcoms and
Comedy shows you can think of from the US.
The problem is, we can’t watch it since it’s synchronized in German….yack. Can’t stand it.

Lucky us, some cable channels show for example „Two and Half Man“
or „Pawn Stars“ in English with no subtitles.
Even „Ice Road Truckers“ and „Drop Dead Diva“ are options to watch in English.

Unfortunately, we can’t get the Food Network Channel…what really sucks.
We’ve found Chef Ann Burrell on one channel, but synchronized to German.   
One of our favorites in the US has been „Parenthood“, „Castle“ and „Body of Proof“.
And we would love to see „Chopped“, „(Next) Iron Chef America“, „Next Food Network Star“
and for sure „Man vs. Food“.
I, personally, miss one of the greatest guys ever…Mr. Tim Gunn.
So, please German TV, do me a favor…MAKE IT WORK!!!!  

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